Make an Implant Provisional in a Few Simple Steps!


Some view the implant provisional as a costly and unnecessary prosthodontic procedure, but in reality, routinely providing this simple service can save costly remakes.  Casual observation of the planned prosthesis may not reveal issues which could potentially cause costly esthetic and/or functional failures.  Gingival contours, anatomical form, occlusal parameters, as well as restorative space availability can all be assessed prior to the fabrication of the final prosthetic tooth replacement.  All of the information gleaned from this prototype can provide a  roadmap for the technician in the journey to a successful outcome.  If you are able to provide a successful implant provisional, then you are almost certainly assured of delivering a successful final tooth replacement. Most importantly, if your provisional isn’t esthetic, functional, and hygienic, you have the opportunity to modify your prototype until you get it right!  This is the only way to experience consistent results.  View these quick fabrication steps to make your chair side experience easier… Continue reading